How to Make Your Dreams Come True in 2013

by Bonnie

2013 dreams come trueI Wanted a Water View Home

In 2002 I realized how much I would love to have a water view house. I shared my dream with Denny, my husband, who then joined me in looking for a new home.

We drove around countless neighborhoods, searched on the internet, let people know we were looking, checked out any likely possibility, made calls, and wrote letters to property owners. For five years!

During this time, I used my “life tools,” (many of them over and over again):

Getting clear about my vision

◊ Setting my intention

◊ Creating a vision map

◊ Calling on my allies

◊ Following our lights (what energized and enlivened us) and our curiosity

◊ Shifting my attention away from Monkey Mind and toward what I wanted

Many times we became discouraged and frustrated (especially me!). I would give up for a while. Then I would return to my vision of what I really wanted, refining it over time and still knowing I truly wanted a house with a view of the water. Denny stayed patient and persistent, trusting it would happen, persevering.

My Vision Became a Reality

On December 7, 2007 — nearly six years after we began the process — my vision became a reality. On that day, we picked up the keys to our water view home!

It was different than my original vision. It’s on Samish Island, rather than in the Seattle area. It was a house in need of some updating and remodeling, rather than a new home. It didn’t even have a garage, which my car-loving husband wouldn’t have thought he could do without.

And we love it!

This new place is so much more than I ever dreamed.

The property is more than water view; it is waterfront! So close to the water it seems as if we’re sitting on a boat.

On Samish Island, we unexpectedly and delightedly have found community and an ever-growing circle of friends.

We love the quiet and natural beauty of this area.

Today, I’m writing this from our lovely, completely remodeled home on the water. I couldn’t be happier with how this dream turned out.

We had a vision. It took a long time and we faced a number of challenges. But we didn’t give up our vision and our dreams came true.

How can you make your own dreams come true?


1) Get clear about what you want for this year. What do you truly, deeply want?

What lights you up? What do you love? If anything were possible, what would you ask for?

Imagine the life you desire. Sense it. See it. How will you feel when this comes true?

The more specific and detailed your vision, the better. Don’t worry if you’re not yet crystal clear. Start with what you do know and let that evolve and become clearer over time.


2) Make it concrete and keep your focus on it.

Write it down. Create a drawing or collage that represents your vision. Post your vision where you’ll see it frequently so it will remind you of your desires and your commitment to create your vision.


3) Use whatever life tools work for you.

You may well face challenges and obstacles. As I mentioned, I used many of my life tools over and over during this process. What are your most effective tools for living? Use them.


4) Take “lights on” actions.

Follow your curiosity and your energy to choose action steps. The steps can be big or small; what matters is that you are moving in the direction of your vision.


5) Notice and be open to what shows up.

Life sends little clues to guide you, clues that may look different than expected.

Denny was lights on about spending time on Samish Island. When we did that, we fell in love with the island and shifted our home search there, 100 miles from where we had been looking. Samish Island turned out to be just the place we were meant to be and it was very different from our initial vision.


6) Balance between focusing on your vision and releasing it.

We first heard that our new home might be coming on the market in December of 2006. In the months that followed, we sometimes joyously thought the house would be ours; sometimes disappointedly believed it was sold to others.

We did our best to ride this roller coaster. We repeatedly returned to our clear desire to own a home on the Island and our trust that it would be that particular one if it was for our highest good or, if not, something better would appear (even if we had no idea what that could possibly be!).


The key is “Don’t give up your dream.” It may take longer than you’d like (not that it has to take you six years!). It may look different than you thought it would. And don’t give up your dream.

May all your dreams come true — and even better!

What is your dream for 2013? Tell us in the Comments section below.

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1 Roxy January 5, 2013 at 6:41 am

Thanks for the article about how to achieve your dream. I find it hard to relate to because I was taught to want what you have and have what you want. Also, there is always someone worse off than you so be thankful for everything the Good Lord has allowed you to have. I am keeping this as a guideline in case I need it or the grandchildren I am raising need it. My dream home? Our home was purchased over twenty years ago by my fiancee’ before we met. We did a little work on it – mostly everyday upkeep. We had to replace the roof in 2009. That began everything. The roof was replaced. The laundry area was gutted then new insulation and walls put in. My fiancee does almost all the work. The bathroom was painted next. Then came the g-kids. The enclosed porch was gutted and made into the boy’s room. Next came my walk-in closet. Then a linen closet was built. The girls’ room is being redone now. I was thrilled to find that my fiancee’ has decided to build another garage – and this one will be attached to our home! It will also be big enough to have our bedroom and a media room. We live in the country in Ohio and are now down to 2 acres of land with our main house, garage and some other buildings on it. We have converted other buildings for play rooms, crat rooms, workrooms. I do not want to move because you never know what kind of neighbors you will get and the kids have a great school here. Thanks

2 Jean January 5, 2013 at 7:09 am

Hi Bonnie,
That is a wonderful story, and so great that you persevered and never gave up on your dream. I think with patience and a clear vision anything is possible -just as you have proved. I am sure you will have many many happy times in your beautiful home.

3 Bonnie January 6, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Thanks for sharing your perspective, Roxy. There are, indeed, always people who are worse off. It is good to want and be grateful for what you have. And, for me, neither of those mean it’s not okay to dream or okay to want more. Sounds like you’ve made many wonderful changes in your home.

4 Bonnie January 6, 2013 at 5:06 pm

Thanks, Jean. Glad you liked the story. All the best to you!

5 Betty January 10, 2013 at 1:13 am

Roxy, you couldn’t have only wanted what you have. If that was the case, you never would have added to what you have. You simply would have accepted whatever was imposed on you. I would bet you practiced seeing things as they would be as you planned the additions to your home. See how that works?

Me. I need to master it enough to get to the next step, before I end up on the street!

6 Bonnie January 11, 2013 at 9:28 am

Betty, thanks for adding your perspective here. I hope you get clear about what you want and go for it. All the best to you.

7 Lucy Arcario January 26, 2013 at 10:23 am

My vision is to retire this year. I want to do whatever my heart desires. I don’t want to work full time anymore I would prefer a little part time job and volunteer some of my life experience in what every way I can. I am a widower and would like to meet a companion that would like to spend some time together on occassion or a little more then that. Someone I consider special and kind and considerate and with a beautiful soul….and an open heart for others. Dolly Parton is right in the end Kindness only matters. What ever your dreams are just believe in them and just keep pursuing them like this couple sometimes things don’t always turn out the exact way you want them but they do turn out in ways you never dreamed of and you are happy thats all that matters.

8 Bonnie January 26, 2013 at 11:30 am

Lucy, thanks for sharing your dreams and your wisdom. May all your dreams come true — or even better!

9 Sandy Brumels February 12, 2013 at 11:46 am

I have had a terrible year in 2012 and look forward to life improving in 2013. I lost my job of 15 years and am having a hard time finding another (I imagine it is because of my age, because I have a lot to offer).

I had in-depth hand reconstruction last year due to osteoarthritis and have had to give up yoga for a time and want to get back into it. Do you have suggestions for 60s and yoga?

I have recently joined free dating sites because I would love to have someone special in my life again. These sites are very depressing. There has got to be another way to meet someone.

Those are my dreams for this year, but when I type them they seem unrealistic and unreachable. Is it too much to ask to be gainfully employed, to live in a fit body and to have that special guy in my life?

10 Bonnie February 15, 2013 at 11:01 am

Sandy, I’m so sorry 2012 was such a tough year for you. Hopefully 2013 will be a huge improvement. You ask, “Is it too much to ask to be gainfully employed, to live in a fit body and to have that special guy in my life?” I say not at all. Go for it!

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