What about the 25 years after 60?

by Bonnie

“Baby boomers are going to do something quite spectacular.” according to Daniel Pink, author of  A Whole New Mind,in an interview with Oprah.

“They say, ‘Sixty’s not old. Oh, I’ve got 25 years left.’

Then they look back 25 years and say, ‘Holy smokes, that sure happened fast. Are the next 25 years going to happen as fast?

And if they are, what’s my legacy going to be? When am I going to live my best life? What kind of imprint am I going to leave on the world?'”  

Baby boomers aren’t going to be content with doing nothing after 60.

Sure, we  may take more time for rest, relaxation, and recreation. But we’re also looking for meaning and fulfillment.

As more boomers cross the 60 threshold, we’ll see countless examples of women living rich, full, joyous, and meaningful lives at 60 and beyond. Hooray!

25 years

What willl you do with the gift of possibly 25 more years? What does your best life after 60 look like?

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