About Savoring Your Sixties

If you want a life after 60 that’s filled with vitality, serenity, joy, passion, and meaning, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re . . .

    • Struggling with turning 60


    • Wondering what you’re going to do with yourself in your 60s and beyond


    • Asking yourself “What shall I do with the rest of my life?” and not coming up with answers


  • Or longing to make a difference in the world, to do something meaningful but can’t figure out what that would be . . . .

This site is for you.

Your Sixties Can Be Very Good Years

Your sixties can be one of the best – perhaps even the best! – times of your life. You truly can savor your sixties.

The Savoring Your Sixties website is filled with articles, tools, resources, and inspiration designed to help you ease your struggles, begin to feel better about your future, and take the necessary steps to discover what would be deeply satisfying and exciting for you in this decade.

Bonnie, the founder of Savoring Your Sixties, also provides personal support to those who desire it through individual and small group coaching programs. They are designed to get and keep you on track and to help you get where you want to go more directly, with more ease and fun, and perhaps a little faster.

 Bonnie & Savoring Your Sixties

Hi, I’m Bonnie McFarland. Since 2002 I’ve been coaching, teaching, and speaking to help women create lives they love.

As I got closer to turning 60 I realized that, for the first time ever, I was bothered about how old I was going to be. Very bothered. Surprisingly bothered.

Couldn’t Find Help

I began searching for safe places and support to talk about, explore, and deal with what I was experiencing. And I didn’t find much.

There were tons of resources for mid-life women. But 60 isn’t mid-life unless you live to 120! I wanted someone or something specializing in my specific situation, the perils and promises of approaching 60.

For Myself . . . And Then Other Women

Well, as my friend Emily said, “If you can’t find the book, you’ll have to write it.”

Eventually I realized what I’d been doing for years to help women create more aliveness, vitality, joy, and meaning in their lives would be just as useful for women nearing and in their sixties.

So I founded Savoring Your Sixties, which is dedicated to sharing with other women what I’ve learned (and am still learning!) about making peace with 60 and creating a life you love at 60 & beyond.

As for writing the book on turning 60. . . Well, I’ve not done that yet. But who knows? That could still happen! Anything is possible.


In addition to almost 60 years of living with all the personal and professional experience that comes from that . . .

I’m a Certified Clarity International Coach, with more than five hundred hours learning from and then co-coaching with Cathy Hawk, the founder of Clarity International.

I’ve coached a wide variety of individuals, partners, and small groups on many aspects of personal and professional life.

I’ve been helping develop people and improve organizations for 30 years. I’ve been self-employed for nearly 20 years in training, consulting, and coaching businesses. Prior to that, I had various roles inside corporations: organization development consultant, manager, trainer, and instructional designer.

I have an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

As for me personally

I love my life! In spite of the occasional pangs regarding aging, I can’t remember ever being happier than I am these days.

I’m married to Denny, a very special man who is just the right match for me.

We live 1½ hours north of Seattle on beautiful Samish Island in a lovely home on Puget Sound, surrounded by nature’s incredible beauty and a wonderful community. Here I am relaxing on our deck.

What lights me up? What do I love? Here is a partial list:

Denny. . . Living on Samish Island. . . Dancing . . . Laughing. . . . Ever-changing water views out my windows. . . Toddlers. . . Sunsets. . . Humpback and gray whales. . . Good talks with friends. . . Italy. . . Chocolate soft-serve ice cream. . . Flowers. . . Hummingbirds. . . Fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden. . . Convertible rides through the countryside. . . Gardens. . . Hawaii. . . Travel. . . Helping other women discover what lights them up.


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