hospital bedOne of the most important decisions you need to make in your 60s is what to do about Medicare.

It’s a bit complicated and can take a while to figure out which options are best for you. You’ll want to start working on this at least a few months before you turn 65.

Beware! The sign up window is three months before and three months after your 65th birthday. Missing that window will result in expensive premium increases if and when you do sign up.

The 10 Most Important Things to Know about Medicare  by journalist, author, and retirement expert Mark Miller is a good place to start learning about Medicare.

Don’t stop there though. This subject is important enough to do plenty of your own research, reading, talking with others, and consulting experts if need be.

A Reminder about Social Security

Another key decision in your 60s is when to take your Social Security benefits. The right decision here could be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are a couple of articles to get you started on this:

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