No, I don’t usually write about stuff like this. I prefer to share with you positive and uplifting ideas. Sometimes, though, I come across information I think is important for you to know, even if it’s not particularly happy-making.

Costly scams often aimed at older people is one of those subjects.

Many older people are easy targets and the bad guys know this. Plus this is the bad guys’ business. They’re good at it! They can trick people who might have thought they couldn’t be tricked.

You, your family, your friends, and your neighbors need to know the common scams and how to avoid being caught by them.

Take a read through the infographic below. You may learn something that will save you or someone you love considerable money and heartbreak. (For instance, I knew about the scam in #3 but didn’t know the tip for avoiding it.)

This doesn’t cover every possible scam, of course, and it’s a good start. Plus, here’s two more for you:

1) The “grandchild” in trouble somewhere and needing money. I know of two women who have lost tens of thousands of dollars to this one, completely duped by the clever con on the other end of the phone.

2) The fall alert system that one of your friends has bought for you. Plus the guy on the line will give you free shipping. My uncle received dozens of calls from these people and we’ve gotten some ourselves. I think the catch is they’ll need your credit card  to send it you but luckily neither Uncle Fred or we were foolish enough to get that far.

I hope the information here helps you and others avoid these nasty people and their scams.
8 Scams that Prey on Older People


Thanks to the team at  Bluebird Care  for sharing this with us and for  NeoMam Studios for creating it.