santorini by denny


Have you celebrated a special occasion by traveling or are you planning to?


If so, you are part of a new trend in travel.  AARP Travel’s 2014 study   of people 45 and older reported that:


price-star Travel is the number one aspirational activity for the boomer generation.


price-star “Celebration Vacations” are replacing parties, special events, jewelry, big-ticket items for the home, and new car purchases as a way to mark special milestones.

price-star The top 3 reasons for Celebration Vacations are anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and retirement.

price-star 78 percent of people said they have taken or intend to take a Celebration Vacation in the next two years.

price-star 63 percent of those surveyed took their Celebration Vacations in the U.S. as opposed to international destinations with the top destinations being Las Vegas, Disney (for those closer to 45), Los Angeles, Florida, Hawaii, New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, California, and Alaska.

price-star 18 percent of the respondents chose tropical/beach destinations with the most popular beaches being the Caribbean, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, St. Martin, Cabo, Cancun, Maui, and Negril.

Not Always Easy

Lest you think all was rosy, some survey participants did have difficulties with their vacations, the most significant of which were sticking to a budget and budgeting for a trip.

I’ve Done It

I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken a number of Celebration Vacations, including one to mark my 60th a while back and last year’s marvelous 20th anniversary trip with my husband (the picture above of Santorini, Greece was taken by him on that trip).

What About You?

Tell us about your experiences with travel. What celebration trips have you done or are you planning to do? Is travel of any sort an important part of your life at this time? Do you want it to be?