sky diverPoor health. Sickness Dementia.

That’s about all the media has to say about aging.

Except for the occasional feel-good story about someone skydiving at 90 or running a marathon at 86.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the inspiring stories and they nudge me about any fixed ideas I have about aging.

But I don’t completely relate to these big, outside-the-norm accomplishments. Do you?

Fortunately neither extreme, not the awful or the miraculous, tell the whole story of aging.

There is a great deal of hope about life after 60. For all of us!

Ronni Bennett, founder of the well-known blog,  Time Goes By – What It’s Really Like to Get Older,  is informed, candid, and wise about aging.  She writes that she:

Never expected to feel as alive and vibrant and spirited and vital as she does this time of her life.

Is amazed at how good old age feels.

Finds this the most interesting time of life she has known.

Experiences 72 as unexpectedly better and more exciting than she would have ever guessed it could be.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Please read her article,  An Old Age Better than I Expected, to learn what is making this time of life so good for her. It could be the same for you too, even if you don’t skydive or run marathons.

What About You?

What positives, perhaps unexpected,  have you found in growing older?