people matterIn the last 20 years or so the enormous amount of research on happiness has produced all kinds of very useful ways to increase your happiness, well-being, and fulfillment. These methods include:

Practicing gratitude

Finding your passion

Living in the present moment

Doing something for others

But is there one MOST  important ingredient to a happy life?

According to Chris Peterson, one of the pioneers of the science of happiness, there is. He said that if you took all the research on well-being and boiled it down to the one most significant finding it would be this:

“Other people matter.”

Whether it’s family, friends, or even strangers, so much of our happiness involves others.

Sharing a meal. Laughing together. Doing something kind for someone else. Talking with friends. Cuddling with kids. Smiling at someone on the street. Reminiscing with loved ones. Holding hands. And so much more.

Peterson also liked to remind his students that not only do other people matter for us; we also are the “other people” who matter for others.

What Do You Think?

Are other people the most important element in your happiness? If not, what is?


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