tulips red and orange 4-12-14Beauty feeds us, soothes us, lights us up, and brings us joy.

What a difference it makes in our lives when we notice the beauty around us and pause to really savor it.

Last week, I heard extraordinary cellist Joshua Roman in recital. It was an amazing, soul-nurturing evening of being filled with the beauty of his music. Such a privilege!

In April, I made several trips to the Skagit Valley tulip fields which are about 20 minutes from my home. 300 acres of colorful flowers are a glorious, gorgeous, spectacular sight I never get tired of. Again, I was filled up by the beauty.

The more I notice and savor the beauty around me, the better!

For You

tulips 2015 Den

Here’s a quick dose of beauty for you if you like flowers and color.

My husband, Denny, is a good photographer and enjoys taking pictures of the tulips.

The photos in this post are his and he also put together a few of his  favorite tulip shots in this short slideshow.  

What about You?

What kind of beauty nurtures you? Are you noticing the beauty around you? Are you giving yourself time to really take it in?