What You’ve Taught Me About Life After 60

9 lessons about life at 60 and beyond

Since I founded Savoring Your Sixties, I’ve been privileged to talk with hundreds of women.

Emails, in person conversations, phone calls, Facebook comments, surveys, blog comments, and coaching have all given me quite a view into life at 60 and beyond.

Here are 9 lessons I’ve learned from you.

Some Things Don’t Change

1) Life difficulties are unevenly distributed.

Your stories of illness, betrayal, death, bad relationships, poverty, and loss break my heart.

Everyone gets some of this and some of you get a great deal of it. Way more than your fair share! This has always been the case and continues to be so as we age.

2) Some women persevere.

No matter how difficult the circumstances, some of you don’t give up. You carry on. You rebuild and improve your lives. You have hope, strength, and courage.

3) Who you are persists.

If you’ve been a happy, upbeat, half-full cup person, you’re likely to stay that way as you age. This makes it easier to enjoy your 60s.

If you’ve been a half-empty cup, victim mentality, unhappy person, you’re also likely to stay that way (unless you do something about it! See #7 & #9 below.) These kind of negative, entrenched attitudes and perspectives make life more difficult as you get older.

4) Our experiences of aging vary widely.

Some women freaked out when they turned 30. Some got derailed by their age for the first time at 60. Some have never been (and maybe never will be) bothered by their age.

Some Things Can and Do Change

5) Bad stuff happens more often.

Bad stuff happens at any age, of course.

If you have the privilege of growing older, then loss, death, and illness are going to happen more often to you and to those you love.

I say to my husband, with dark humor, “Either we’re going to be attending more funerals or we’re going to be the subject of a funeral.”

Sorry but this is the reality we all face.

On the other hand, I’ve got good news about what can and does change . . .

6) We savor more.

Maybe because bad stuff happens more often. Or because we’re more aware of the brevity of life on earth. Or because of hard-won wisdom.

Whatever the reason, many (most?) women savor their days, perhaps more than at any other time in their lives.

You find joy in the “little” things. You’re grateful. You get clearer about what really matters and put your precious time there.

7) Change is possible at any age.

Whether it’s changing your attitudes (see #3 above), changing your perspective on your 60s, fine-tuning or overhauling your life, you can do it.

You can change your life at any age with willingness, commitment, dedication, and action. And many of you do!

8) The sixties can be very good years.

Whether you sail through 60 or struggle for a while, most of you reach a point of making peace with 60 and enjoying your lives at 60 and beyond.

For some, this seems to happen naturally, effortlessly. Others have to do some work to let go of their beliefs and fears about aging, to discover what they want to do with this chapter in their lives, and then get on with it.

Whichever path you take, it is possible for you to live a rich, full, meaningful, fun, fulfilling, joyous life after 60.

The tools work

9) The tools and strategies for living that I’ve used myself and shared with others for the last decade work very well in our 60s. They offer ways to make the changes you want to make and to make your 60s very good years.

      • Connecting with the inner GPS of what lights you up (what energizes and enlivens you, what you love, what you’re passionate about)
    • Doing more of what you love
    • Having a clear, compelling, lights on vision for your life
    • Taking energizing action towards that vision, and
    • Developing strategies for the obstacles that arise

These can help you create a life you love at 60 and beyond.


Thanks to all of you for the privilege of learning from you!


What have you learned about life at 60 & beyond? Tell us in Comments below.

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1 Patricia Howard May 22, 2017 at 8:26 am

Hi Bonnie:
I think the one major change I have noticed as I head towards my mid-sixties, is that my perspective on life has changed. I for one am less concerned about how others see me, or what they think about me. I am who I am, and I am less anxious now about what others may think. That does not mean I have a total disregard for the opinion of others – of course that is important to most of us – but if they do not ‘approve’ … well, so be it. I have spent a lifetime getting to be who I am now. The opinions of one or two people are unlikely to change drastically who I am. Don’t sweat the small stuff, as the saying goes. Be who you are and be appreciative of friendships and the small things in life. Peace of mind is a state of mind. Thanks for listening!

2 Bonnie May 26, 2017 at 11:08 am

Thanks, Patricia, for sharing your perspective. There’s much wisdom in what you wrote. The “small” things in life just may be what matter most.