How Not to Say the Wrong Thing

by Bonnie

griefIs there anyone among us who hasn’t at least once been at a loss for words or, perhaps worse, said something appalling when someone we love is in pain?

Death. Illness. Divorce. Existential angst. Legal problems. When these or other tough times are troubling your family or friends, you are concerned for them as well as affected yourself. It’s all too easy to say the wrong thing.

In  How Not to Say the Wrong Thing,  the authors explain their Ring Theory. The essence of it is “comfort in, dump out.”

Of course this doesn’t make sense without further explanation. Please take a few minutes to  read the original article,  so you’ll understand this simple and valuable approach. I think you’ll find it time very well spent.

What About You?

What’s been your experience with saying something to others in a crisis or being on the receiving end of what others have said? What do you think of the Ring idea?


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