If You Want to Be Happy, Try This

by Bonnie

Continuous small treatsThis seems so simple (although not easy for many women). How could it possibly work? But it does work!  Try it and see.

Since a treat to one of us might be more a trick to another, it’s important to get clear about your own unique treats.

What treats delight you?

It could be . . .
Fresh flowers.
Time by the water.
Petting your dog.
Playing with your grandchild.
A stroll in the park.
A fragrant candle.
A bowl of delicious berries.
Dancing to the oldies.
Sitting in your garden.
A morning cup of tea.
A square of tasty chocolate.
Chatting with a friend.
Thick bath towels.
A good book.
Drinks with friends.
Watching hummingbirds.
A soak in the tub.
A new lipstick.

Or anything else that makes you feel good, that lights you up, that you love.

Once you know your treats, try giving them to yourself often. Do this for a while and see how much happier you’ve become.

What About You?

What are some of your favorite treats? How often do you let yourself have them? Tell us in Comments below.

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