Turning 60 — A Message from Me to You

by Bonnie

Since you’ve found your way to this blog, you’re likely a woman in the vicinity of 60.

The Downside

Perhaps you’re feeling apprehensive, troubled, or concerned about being 60. You might feel stuck in a life that’s no longer exciting to you and not seeing a future to really look forward to.

woman pulling hair out

 Sixty can be a bit jarring. There’s something about that number.

 I understand.

Sixty was the first time I was ever bothered about my age. I even had a few moments wondering if I could hide or lie about my age. My reaction shocked me.

I thought 60 was old and I did not want to be old. Nor did I want anyone else to think I was old.

Our culture’s messages are so negative about aging. Especially for women. It’s not surprising that we fear becoming old, invisible, cast aside, unwanted, marginalized.

But life isn’t over at 60.

The best is not behind you.

I’m not saying la la, no problem, everything is great, you’re going to live forever, nothing will change.
There is inner work to be done, stuff to face and deal with. There are changes ahead that may be challenging.

And there’s hope and possibility.

You can still have peace of mind, joy, and purpose. You can still live the full, wonderful life you desire.

If this appeals to you, I hope you’ll stick around and become part of this village of women who want to create lives they love in their 60s and beyond.

What about you? Click on Comments below, scroll down, and write away. Tell us about your experience of approaching or turning 60.

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