Working after 60?

by Bonnie

work after 60Thinking about working after 60? You’re not the only one.

One recent study showed 76% of baby boomers intend to keep working and earning in their “retirement.” This is a huge change from 20 or even 10 years ago.

Many baby boomers never had been saving enough for retirement. The “Great Recession,” which began in 2008 and still hasn’t let go, further darkened the picture. Some people are still working (or looking for work) because they need the money or the health insurance.

Some are still working because they want to. Many baby boomers are still healthy and vital enough at 60 that they’re not ready to retire to rocking chairs or even the golf course. They want to be active, engaged, stimulated, challenged, and contributing. Work is one of the best ways to do this.

Women turning 60 and in their 60s are pursuing a wider range of work options these days:

Staying in their jobs longer

Looking for new jobs

Changing careers

Starting businesses


What are you doing or planning on doing about work in your sixties? Click Comments below and let us know.

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